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5:00 am  Bonanza Elizabeth, My Love

"Ben recalls his days at sea and how he met his first wife, Elizabeth, when Adam falls gravely ill."

6:00 am  Bill Winston Ministries

6:30 am  Paid Program

7:00 am  Missing (E/I)

7:30 am  Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. LEADER OF MEN

"A visiting Congressman suggests a promotion for Gomer, and Carter nearly loses his stripes training Gomer to take command."

8:00 am  Paid Program

8:30 am  Paid Program

9:00 am  DragonFly TV (E/I)

9:30 am  CPS Sports Edition (E/I)

10:00 am  26 North Halsted

10:30 am  OK! TV

11:00 am  Bridezillas

12:00 pm  Bridezillas

1:00 pm  Bridezillas

2:00 pm  Bridezillas

3:00 pm  Bridezillas

4:00 pm  White Collar Book of Hours

"Mob baron Burrelli asks FBI's help to solve the theft of his parish church's Bible, from 17th century Naples, where it would have worked several miracles. Neal assumes it may be meant for healing, as it's very hard to fence, having contacted expert Fiametta, who points out it's actually a breviary, not a Bible. Neal and Peter soon find the vagrant who was hired to steal it but robbed himself, and suspect a link with the nearby murder of rivaling mob family member, which is alas assigned exclusi

5:00 pm  Republic of Doyle Blood is Thicker than Blood

"An old case comes back to haunt Mal when a man hires the Doyles to find the person who killed his wife; a crime that the man himself was wrongfully convicted of years ago. At home, Tinny makes a bold move to assert her independence, while Jake tries to find out if he's about to become a daddy."

6:00 pm  Sanctuary

7:00 pm  The Shepherd

"A texas cop battles ex-navy seals who are trying to traffic drugs from Mexico into the USA."


"John Candy, Rick Moranis, Bill Pullman and Dom DeLuise rocket into orbit in this side-splitting Mel Brooks excursion where good and evil forces grapple in an out-of-this-world galaxy."

11:00 pm  The Streets of San Francisco Runaway

"Stone searches for a fugitive and is dogged by a runaway girl who is the fugitive's daughter."

12:00 am  The Streets of San Francisco Superstar

"Stone clashes with an abrasive NYC cop who is on the trail of his partner's killer."

1:00 am  Paid Program

1:30 am  Paid Program

2:00 am  Leverage

3:00 am  Paid Program

3:30 am  Paid Program

4:00 am  Paid Program

4:30 am  Paid Program