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5:00 am  Paid Program

5:30 am  First Business

6:00 am  Cold Case Files The Good Samaritan / Gun Shy

7:00 am  Key of David

7:30 am  Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures (E/I)

8:00 am  'Til Death Dream Getaway

"Steph and Jeff convince Eddie and Joy to join them for a getaway in the mountains, but when Steph tells Jeff she had an erotic dream about Eddie, their vacation is anything but relaxing for the Woodcocks."

8:30 am  Meet The Browns Meet the Sugar Momma

"Renee comes to the school for a health fair and passes out condoms, putting she and Cora at odds."

9:00 am  America's Court

9:30 am  America's Court

10:00 am  Supreme Justice

10:30 am  Supreme Justice

11:00 am  Justice For All

11:30 am  Justice For All

12:00 pm  Trisha

1:00 pm  Bridezillas

2:00 pm  The Doctors

3:00 pm  Rules Of Engagement Handy Man

"When Audrey realizes Jeff is getting a bit bored in the bedroom, she tries to spice it up. Russell gets called out on a business trip, but has a fear of flying. He invites Timmy to distract him. "

3:30 pm  'Til Death The Break-Up

"When their friends have a fight and break up, Eddie and Joy step in to try and restore the peace, but it ends up backfiring on them. Meanwhile, Ally sends Doug to a shrink to cure his mysterious illness."

4:00 pm  That 70's Show Afterglow

"Donna has finally made Eric a man; he's overjoyed about it until he hears that things didn't go as well as he thought they had. Upset that she talked to the others instead of him, Eric suggests that they just don't do it again. Donna's upset because this was exactly what she feared would happen; things would get weird between them."

4:30 pm  Community Competitive Ecology

"The study group struggles to incorporate a fellow classmate while working on a project for Professor Kane's (guest star Michael K. Williams) class. Meanwhile, Chang (Ken Jeong) causes a fire while trying to solve a strange mystery of his own making."

5:00 pm  Steve Wilkos Show

6:00 pm  Jerry Springer Show

7:00 pm  Cops Reloaded

7:30 pm  Cops Reloaded

8:00 pm  Cold Case Files The Good Samaritan / Gun Shy

9:00 pm  OK! TV

9:30 pm  The Insider

10:00 pm  American Dad There Will Be Bad Blood

"Stan invites his half-brother, Rusty, to the house for Thanksgiving. But when Stan discovers that Rusty is rich, he tries to take back what he feels belongs to him."

10:30 pm  King of The Hill Cops & Robert

11:00 pm  The Cleveland Show Brown Magic

11:30 pm  King of The Hill Keeping Up With Our Joneses

"Hank's attempt to make Bobby dislike smoking backfires-leaving the entire family hooked on cigarettes."

12:00 am  Cash Cab

12:30 am  Right This Minute

1:00 am  Paid Program

1:30 am  Cash Cab

2:00 am  Paid Program

2:30 am  OK! TV

3:00 am  Paid Program

3:30 am  Paid Program

4:00 am  Paid Program

4:30 am  Paid Program