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5:00 am  Paid Program

5:30 am  First Business

6:00 am  Cold Case Files The Perfect Murder / Death Of The Innocents

7:00 am  Key of David

7:30 am  Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures (E/I)

8:00 am  'Til Death Your Mother Or Your Wife

"Jeff is thrilled when his mother comes for a visit, but tension builds between him and Steph when he chooses his mother over her. Jeff goes to his neighbors for help, but ends up more conflicted than ever. Between Joy insisting he send his mom home and Eddie instructing him to secretly make his mom No. 1, Jeff must learn the delicate art of balancing the women in his life."

8:30 am  Meet The Browns Meet the Unwelcome Back

"When Reggie returns unannounced, he's surprised to find Cora isn't into him anymore."

9:00 am  America's Court

9:30 am  America's Court

10:00 am  Supreme Justice

10:30 am  Supreme Justice

11:00 am  Justice For All

11:30 am  Justice For All

12:00 pm  Trisha

1:00 pm  Bridezillas

2:00 pm  The Doctors

3:00 pm  Rules Of Engagement The Bank

"When Jeff screws up paying for Audrey's Pilates classes, he reveals to Adam that he has a "Bank" of mistakes that she has incurred that he uses to ease her anger. Russell sends an email to Timmy's crush. "

3:30 pm  'Til Death Hi Def TV

"When Eddie buys a high-definition television without checking with Joy first, she decides to join in the spending spree. Meanwhile, Doug suspects he is living on a sitcom."

4:00 pm  That 70's Show Kitty and Eric's Night Out

"Eric goes out with his mom to the movies and is embarrassed at first but ends up having a good time. Fez gets a girlfriend and Hyde can't believe that she went from him to Fez and Jackie is jealous because she likes Fez."

4:30 pm  Community Biology 101

"As Jeff (Joel McHale) tries to keep Pierce (Chevy Chase) from rejoining the study group, Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) faces off with Vice Dean Laybourne (guest start John Goodman) for control of Greendale. Meanwhile, Britta (Gillian Jacobs) helps Abed (Danny Pudi) find a new favorite TV show."

5:00 pm  Steve Wilkos Show

6:00 pm  Jerry Springer Show

7:00 pm  Cops Reloaded

7:30 pm  Chicago Sky Basketball Chicago Sky vs. Atlanta Dream

9:30 pm  The Insider

10:00 pm  American Dad Stan's Food Restaurant

"Stan designs his own restaurant, but Roger’s takes over the project and fires Stan; Steve develops a crush on a girl who is obsessed with her doll."

10:30 pm  King of The Hill Courtship of Joseph's Father

11:00 pm  The Cleveland Show There Goes El Neighborhood

11:30 pm  King of The Hill Shins Of The Father

"Much to Peggy's dismay, Hank's sexist father drops by to celebrate Bobby's birthday."

12:00 am  Cash Cab

12:30 am  Right This Minute

1:00 am  Paid Program

1:30 am  Cash Cab

2:00 am  Paid Program

2:30 am  OK! TV

3:00 am  Paid Program

3:30 am  Paid Program

4:00 am  Paid Program

4:30 am  Paid Program