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5:00 am  In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley

5:30 am  First Business

6:00 am  Cold Case Files Death Before I Do/Hollywood Homicide

7:00 am  Key of David

7:30 am  Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures (E/I) Kangaroo or Koala Island?

"In Australia, Jack learns of a dilemma on Kangaroo Island: it has too many koalas. The small island, south of the mainland, was so named because of its abundance of kangaroos, but Jack wonders if the island should be renamed. From the introduction of just 8 animals in the 1920’s, the population of the loveable, tree dwelling marsupial has soared to more than 27,000."

8:00 am  'Til Death The Bachelor Party

"The guys take Jeff out for the bachelor party he never had, but Nicole tags along with Cofeld and things don't go as planned."

8:30 am  Meet The Browns Meet the Country Cousin

"Sasha's country relative comes to help out while Sasha is away."

9:00 am  America's Court

9:30 am  America's Court

10:00 am  Supreme Justice

10:30 am  Supreme Justice

11:00 am  Justice For All

11:30 am  Justice For All

12:00 pm  Trisha

1:00 pm  Bridezillas

2:00 pm  The Doctors

3:00 pm  Rules Of Engagement The Power Couple

"Jeff is threatened when Audrey gets a raise and makes almost as much as he does. Meanwhile, Russell enlists Timmy to find out what Liz sees in another man."

3:30 pm  'Til Death The Not-So Perfect Couple

"When Joy urges Eddie to get a check-up from their doctor, Simona (Susan Yeagley), Eddie becomes enamored with her and her husband, Stephen (Kevin Nealon), and their seemingly perfect life. Joy becomes annoyed when Eddie becomes ardent about taking Simona's advice, even though Joy has been nagging him for years, and decides to prove to Eddie that Simona isn't as perfect as she seems."

4:00 pm  That 70's Show I Can't Quit You Baby

"As punishment for Donna going away to California, Bob transfers her to a Catholic School, which means that Donna won't get to see Eric as much. Eric is determined to fight for their right to be together, until he sees Donna in her new school uniform."

4:30 pm  Community Course Listing Unavailable

"After a classmate suddenly dies, the study group decides to host a memorial. But when Jeff (Joel McHale) turns his speech into an angry anti-Greendale rant, the gathering quickly becomes a riot that is violently suppressed by Chang (Ken Jeong)."

5:00 pm  Steve Wilkos Show

6:00 pm  Jerry Springer Show

7:00 pm  Cops Reloaded

7:30 pm  Cops Reloaded

8:00 pm  Cold Case Files Death Before I Do/Hollywood Homicide

9:00 pm  OK! TV

9:30 pm  The Insider

10:00 pm  American Dad A Ward Show

"After he’s appointed Steve’s legal guardian, Roger has Principal Lewis fired for letting Steve break the school’s rules; Stan and Fran vacation at a waterpark."

10:30 pm  King of The Hill Daletech

11:00 pm  The Cleveland Show Here Comes The Bribe

11:30 pm  King of The Hill Hank's Bully

12:00 am  Cash Cab

12:30 am  Right This Minute

1:00 am  Paid Program

1:30 am  Cash Cab

2:00 am  Paid Program

2:30 am  OK! TV

3:00 am  Paid Program

3:30 am  Paid Program

4:00 am  Paid Program

4:30 am  Paid Program