Programs on The U Too

America's Court

Weekdays at 9 AM & 9:30 AM
Judge Ross is one of America's newest TV judges. He's also one of the youngest—in his mid 30s, he's one of the youngest in California. He presides over a half-hour courtroom television show that teaches both litigants and viewers how to better solve differences in and out of court.
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Cash Cab

Weeknights at 12 & 1:30 AM
'Cash Cab' is a British game show in which unsuspecting contestants answer trivia questions to win money while traveling in a cab.. The show features a double-or-nothing situation once arriving to their destination.
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The Doctors

Weekdays at 2 PM
'The Doctors' is an entertaining, one-hour talk show that provides information from a group of engaging medical professionals, who each actively practice different specialties. Each episode is in a conversational format and covers various health-related topics.
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Jerry Springer

Monday - Saturday at 6 PM
Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Yeah, you know who we're talking about and we've got him on The U Too!
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